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Still no lock on Anderson’s next victim

When I took a poo all over the idea of Thales Leites getting a title shot against Anderson Silva, many people said “Okay smarty-pants, if you’re so totally awesome and sexy then who would you put up against the champ?” I responded with Demian Maia or Chael Sonnen. And I guess the UFC missed the point, because they’ve said “Great Idea!” and now we’ve got those two facing off at UFC 95.

Meanwhile over in Anderson Silva land, Dana is still being pretty vague about the whole Thales Leites fight, using words like possibly, maybe, possibly maybe, perhaps, and weather permitting. This makes me think that Anderson is still resisting the idea. Good. Great! Keep fighting the power. No one wants to see that fight, and more specifically I don’t want to see that fight headlining UFC Montreal.

Talk has now shifted to Yushin Okami getting a shot, and I guess we’ll see what Anderson thinks of that. I’ve got a feeling that might be better received … while Okami only beat Silva via DQ, it was still recorded as a win. Guys trying to cement a legacy tend to enjoy trying to avenge their losses, a la Chuck Liddell before Rampage knocked him of that particular tip. While it wouldn’t be the biggest card in the world, Dana knows Montreal would still sell out even if Yushin Okami / Dean Lister II was the main event. And according to His Holiness Dave Meltzer, the last UFC in Canada smashed PPV records despite the inevitable outcome of St-Pierre / Serra 2.

So I guess it’s now down to Anderson Silva vs Okami or Leites, which is a bit like a choice between spam or baloney. But I’d rather watch something I hate rather than something which is just kinda mediocre. I’ll let you figure out which is which.