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Sticks and stones may break your bones but losing your chance to win the Lightweight Championship is what really hurts

Ladies and gentlemen, the above I show you is exhibit A. Now please turn your attention to exhibit B. Note specifically the following excerpt from exhibit B:

PC: I know that was a very emotional loss for you. What all was going through your mind after the fight?

JS: Man, I wanted to cry. I gave everything I had. I put in my life savings, took away time from Christmas, New Years, time from my family man-I sacrificed everything and it would’ve paid off. I would do it all again if I had to.

PC: I was emotional for you man. I talked to a lot of fighters that told me how you were in Big Bear busting ass. I’m sure it had to be tough to lose like that?

JS: I saw the tape and it looked like I was crying, but I had something in my eye-my blood (laughing).

To be fair, a little bit of blood would mean a little bit of tears. Considering the amount of blood coming out of Joe, I think the tears aren’t all that unreasonable. So come on now Joe … there’s nothing wrong with crying*.

*There’s something wrong with crying when you’re on The Ultimate Fighter. But crying in the cage is acceptable**

**So long as you’re not a vag and admit to it afterwards.

  • Márcio says:

    I feel for the guy, he seems to be a hard worker and after putting all that effort to be completely outclassed by Penn must be heartbreaking.
    What really annoys me is that he’s the Sharapova of MMA. Every time he threw something he was grunting like a female tennis player, that shit isn’t cool.

  • operator says:

    First he barked like a bitch then he cried like a bitch.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Once again: is he now Joe “Mommy” Stevenson? Cause I think BJ proved who the daddy was in the ring.

  • fightfan says:

    The whole reason people are giving him shit is the fact that he lied about it. Over a million people saw him crying. It was televised in case Joe didnt realize it.

    I dont give a shit that he was crying. I think he is more of an asshole for trying to tell people that he wasnt

  • Archivist says:

    I gotta agree that the “kiai!” routine got old fast but i can respect the emotional toll the fight game will take on somebody and felt miserable seeing him so undone after the fight. A particular point where they kinda help him up from his stool to stand and hear the official announcement and he is just there standing and weeping like a kid made me feel downright shitty. Avowedly not being able to withstand a week of Big Bear love, let alone getting cream corned by Penn, i would not knock on the guy.

  • operator says:

    I gotta admit I felt sorry for him myself when I seen his reaction to the loss but then I remembered he was a cocky fucker on tuf. Maybe he has matured since but it is all part of the game. I can understand why he took it hard though. It is a long road to a title shot and he found out that he’s not as good as he thought he was. If it was an even fight and he got caught with a knock out punch in the end I think he would have taken the loss alot better but he got dismantled and basicly owned for the whole fight. Or maybe deep down he knows that he choked. He took it hard but I still think Forrest emberassed himself worse when he spooned a guy while he was still unconcious and then he cried in the octagon and ran backstage to go cry some more. I understand they are only human but it has gotto be emberassing afterwards.