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Steven Seagal is ready to dominate and exterminate

If you thought this Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen rematch couldn’t get any bigger, you wuz wrong! Because now Sensei Steven Seagal is in the house, and he’s taking things to the next level. Ariel Helwani interviewed Seagal at the open workouts and I hope you enjoy how he says ‘we’ instead of ‘he’ whenever he talks about Anderson Silva fighting:

“On this fight we’re not gonna be nice. We’re going to be reall really deep. I don’t think that we should fight with emotion but with fierce determination to dominate and exterminate. He’s determined and so am I. We’re determined to make this great. I just got done training him now and I’m gonna keep training him until he walks into the ring.”

How can Chael stand a chance when he’s up against the best pound for pound fighter in the world AND Steven Seagal??? Especially with such amazing technique. After the jump, Seagal gets onto the mats and lays a literal smackdown on Rafael ‘Feijao’ Cavalcante. Is this a taste of “that deadly stuff” Seagal has taught Silva?

Here’s another video of the workouts showing Anderson hitting pads and Steven Seagal doing whatever the eff that is with Feijao. At 6:10 you can watch Seagal have a conversation with Silva and what looked to me like Silva kinda blowing him off. Maybe he’s getting tired of Steven popping up during every fight and stealing his thunder? Or maybe Seagal just didn’t realize a guy cutting weight probably doesn’t want to go out to a Brazilian steakhouse:

  • mobius says:

    Steven Seagal is ready to dominate and exterminate… the buffet?

  • agentsmith says:

    If you’ve seen the “Like Water” doc, it’s pretty obvious that the whole Seagal thing started as a gag during a media conference call when someone asked Silva who he was training with.  Ed Soares thought it was hilarious at the time.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    Steven Seagull is ready to commit genocide on some big macs

  • voice of reason says:

    i saw ‘like water’, that’s not what happened. the media call was after they started training already….not at the start
    but the sooner we’re done with ‘seagull’ the better for mma reputation. it’s not good credibility if the champ, and ‘p4p fighter’, trains with a fking actor.

  • Captain says:

    Seagal should be embarrassed, not proud to be such an overweight martial artist.  Talking all the shit he does, he should first be willing to do a few pushups before condescending everyone and acting like he invented the “punch”.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    it’s not good credibility if the champ, and ‘p4p fighter’, trains with a fking actor

    Segal is an actor?  He may be a fat sack to rival my waistline, but he is clearly an old martial artist who can’t act for shit.

  • voice of reason says:

    ^come on, so is jackie chan. a layman wouldn’t think the sport is legit if the champion trains with segal (rmb they wouldn’t know much about the sport, and they’d know segal as just an actor who has trained a bit). it’s like if someone told u they’re a champion and train with jackie chan. 
    plus, aikido is hardly a fighting art. even my friends who train jiujitsu laugh at them.

  • PooCommander says:

    Why doesn’t Renzo Gracie call Steven Segull on the phone and tell him to stop it?

  • Tim Jones says:

    Word is that Sensei Seagal has shared his lethal quivering palm Dim Mak technique with the Anderson during the preparation for this fight.

    Death in the octagon? Beware the ugliness.

  • I’m just surprised Chael, as a good Republican, hasn’t brought in Chuck Norris to learn some secret illegal techniques, like how to make the gays straight through love of Jesus.

  • G Funk says:

    Captain sighting!

  • TheDookyDictator says:

    “…quivering palm…”


    I must learn and become the master of this!

    Except for the Dim Mak part…

  • Tim Jones says:

    ^^As a master of both the quivering palm and the vibrating palm Dim Mak techniques, it had never occurred to me that my educated palm could bring pleasure as well as death upon it’s target. You have truly opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities Sensei!