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Steven Seagal hasn’t even gotten started yet

Be prepared for more Steven Seagal inspired mayhem in the cage:

“I’m training other types of kicks, knees, elbows and strikes with them and I am also training their footwork. You have to wait for the new things which we’re working out,” he says.

Seagal revealed he has been training with other athletes from the Black House team but the actor would rather not to speak about details of the trainings, “I’m teaching other fighters but it is something secret,” he concluded.

I think it’s quite obvious that every camp needs a pet martial arts celebrity from now on. Who knows how the Machida fight would have gone if Randy Couture had called in Chuck Norris for some advice?

  • Letibleu says:

    I am setting up a talent agency to match aging Martial Arts actors with MMA camps.

    Here is the list of people I have in mind. If you know how to contact any of these, please help my cause:

    Chuck Norris

    Jean Claude Van Damme

    Wesley Snipes

    Gary Daniels

    Mark Dacascos

    Jackie Chan

    Jacky Wu

    Jet Li

    Steve Oedekerk (Kung Pow)

    Eddie Griffin (Undercover Brother)

    Any of the James Bond guys.

  • glassjawsh says:

    that is easily the most amazing gif i have ever seen

  • Reverend Clint says:

    Mark Dacascos is too busy being the Chairman

  • AZ Bored says:

    Steven hates white people.

  • Komodo says:

    Ralph Macchio!

  • G Funk says:

    What Jawsh said.

  • CAP says:

    The ultimate test for Seagal would be to resurrect Tim Sylvia’s career. They are bonded by the law.