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Steve Cofield talks about the troublemaker ban

Steve Cofield calls Dana out for trying to ban him from UFC press events back in the day:

The UFC returned home to Las Vegas and decided it was time to boot Cage Writer from the events. Eventually things were smoothed over and you’ve gotten all the coverage you have loved hated tolerated since June on Yahoo! and The issue hadn’t come up publicly until Cage Writer got called out for being a troublemaker at yesterday’s press conference so we decided to address the 2008 flap face-to-face.

Also mentioned: Dana White explains his comments on why Jardine and Evans should be able to fight … looks like I have to take back the ‘cocksucker’ label I attached to him earlier over that. As well, the story behind all the cockpunching that went on in &feature=channel_page” target=”_blank”>Dana’s video blog yesterday.