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Steve Cofield is cooler than us

Steve Cofield is officially my fucking hero. Yesterday, he managed to wrangle an interview with non other than Barack Obama, and asked him to respond to the retarded comments of one Matt Hughes.

If you recall, Matt believes that Obama is a bad role model. He obviously feels that a poor kid working his way up to potentially the biggest office in the world isn’t enough for him. You apparently had to have killed people in a war to be cool.

We already commented on that; we think he’s wrong mostly because we’re just a couple of socialist bastards who are notoriously anti-war and pro-fucking. It was neat to hear Obama defend himself against Hughes baseless accusations, even if nothing was really said other than “I love my country” (well, pretty much anyways).

I don’t want to jump to conclusions here, but if Obama becomes president, Cofield will have his ear, and he can force Obama to make MMA the national sport of the country! Yes, I can picture it now: little league MMA with kids dropping elbows in some brutal ground and pound action, and little Jimmy pile driving   like his idol, Nate Marquardt. The future is looking bright, people.

Oh, and if you didn’t go vote yet, what the fuck are you waiting for?