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Steve Cantwell breaks a dude’s arm

There’s not a lot to say about this fight … it was quick and sweet. Things started out on their feet with Razak Al-Hassan and Steve Cantwell exchanging. Cantwell’s technique was a lot tighter but Al-Hassan kept on him for half the round until they went to the ground. Cantwell burnt through Al-Hassan’s guard, hit sidemount and then hopped into full mount.

From there he pulled off your basic garden variety armbar from mount. Razak attempted to escape it but just ended up in an even worse position. From here Cantwell kept on torquing his arm until the fucking thing popped out of joint. I don’t know if it’s broken or what. But it was fucking brutal and the grossest thing I’ve seen since Tim Sylvia’s forearm snapped in half. In other words: it was AWESOME.

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