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Stephan Patry fires back at RACJ

Stephan Patry – MMA’s new whipping boy of the hour – came out on Friday to tell his side of the Strikebox story. It’s a fucked up affair which reveals that Quebec has essentially been winging MMA events for the past 10 years, without any proper rules and regulations written down by the actual commission overseeing everything. Now they suddenly want to go back to the rules they have on the books, which are completely retarded:

“Two weeks prior to the event, the commission called us,” Patry said. “The president of the government agency that oversees combat sports called the director of combat sports, who approved our sport – so basically the commissioner – and told them, ‘Listen, let’s cancel that show. We have [had] meetings, and now we want to enforce the rules that are in place with the commission right now.’ Basically, two weeks prior to the event, they kind of [expletive] us with these rules that aren’t even the rules of MMA and rules that were written back in 1999 in Quebec.”

After meeting with lawyers, Patry decided to protest the decision. Before the protest could move forward, the commission sought out another meeting with the longtime promoter.

“Before we had a chance to meet with these people to oversee the rules with them, we had a meeting with the commission,” Patry said. “One of the inspectors of the commission told us, ‘Listen, the lawyers are not going to be there the night of the show. Talk to your athletes. Make sure they follow the rules you want them to follow, and we will talk to the referees and we’ll make sure that the show happens. Then, afterwards, we’ll see what the president of the governing body elects to do with that.'”

It’s pretty insane that the administrators seem to be pushing one agenda while the commissioners on the ground are still pushing another when they can get away with it. Rules and regulations are in place for fighter safety, and it’s pathetic that these kinds of massive revisions are being applied but not applied but who knows and maybe do your thing and we’ll see what happens. Go government oversight!