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Stephan Bonnar was nearly kicked off TUF 1

“We’re outta booze?!”

One of Bloody Elbow’s intrepid journalists was in the “media scrum” with Dana White after the UFC 143 post-fight presser, and amongst the various topics (such as calling Ken Pavia “the biggest piece of shit on Earth”) was this little tale:

White told a story about how Bonnar was almost kicked off the first season of TUF after getting antsy during the longest filming schedule in show history:

“Bonnar turned the shower on, climbed out the window and went to find a liquor store. Remember we took all the liquor out after that big fight? These idiots… we had been driving these guys around for six or seven weeks and the house is in the middle of nowhere. There was no liquor store near there. The guy was walking around for an hour and thirty minutes. So much crazy (expletive) happened that first season. Imagine if I had kicked off him off the show for going to a liquor store? Forrest (Griffin) and Stephan would have never happened.”

Fans with a good memory of all the seasons of TUF might say this is yet another example of Dana’s disciplinary inconsistency, since Bonnar got away with climbing out the window to go hunt for booze, but Jeremy Jackson was kicked off TUF 4 for climbing over the fence to go hunt for poon.  Except Bonnar went on to save the UFC via the sheer magic of slobberknockery, while Jackson went on to take his poon-hunting to new and very inappropriate lows.  So in retrospect, yeah, that was probably for the best.