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Stephan Bonnar to name first born son Griffin, admits he’s “shitting his pants” about fighting Silva

Griffin Bonnar. Sure, to MMA fans that’s a sacred designation. But even if you’re someone who doesn’t know the significance of it, and shame on you if you are, the name still just kind of rolls off the tongue. It’s a cool name, and one that may very well end up coming into the world in about two weeks when Stephan Bonnar’s very hot wife is due to give birth to their first child, a boy.

Bonnar talked about that and so much more in an interview with MMAMania. He also discusses how he came about fighting Silva, why he turned down a bout with Glover Teixeira, how point fighting sucks, and the motivational benefits of shitting one’s pants:

Thomas Myers: Are you scared, nervous, excited…all of the above?

Stephan Bonnar: I’m shitting my pants. But, I’ll tell you what, fear is the best motivator.

I think many of us can relate to Bonnar here. Nothing lights a fire under someone’s ass quite like an unstoppable turtle-head. You’ll find that you can run faster than a Kenyan, drive more recklessly than a redneck, and when faced with the calamitous circumstance of a lack of TP, think more creatively than an artist. They say necessity is the mother of all invention. Well, if you’re ever wiped your ass with a coffee filter you know this to be true.

Here’s to hoping Bonnar’s turtle-head is motivating him to invent some new method of survival. He’s going to need it.