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Stephan Bonnar on collision course with Academy Awards

You might have been wondering what the hell Stephan Bonnar vs Jon Jones was doing on the main card at UFC 94 while fights like Fitch vs Gono are on the undercard. Well, it seems pretty obvious to me: Stephan Bonnar is a fuckin MOVIE STAR. Is Jon Fitch a movie star? No. Well, maybe he’s a TV star and maybe the TV show he was on draws more views during it’s 4am reruns than ‘Ultimate Champion’ ever will. But still! How can you deny the awesomeness that is the preview above?

Despite apparently being made for 18 dollars, ‘Ultimate Champion’ still managed to land Bonnar’s involvement, as well as the participation of Sean Sherk, Oleg Taktarov, Travis Lutter, Sokoudjou, and Gilbert Melendez. This here is proof that we need to stop MMA fighters from being involved in movies. Like … if there’s one cause you can get behind, this would be the cause. Fuck breast cancer. Fuck AIDS. There are fighters out there right now making films worse than a thousand late term abortions. They need to be stopped, and we have to be the ones to stop them.