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Stay classy, Sherdog store!

Check out one of the videos that Sherdog is featuring in it’s ‘inbetween pages’ ads:

Broken necks & eyesockets, gallons of blood, slicing headbutts, bare knuckle blows to the face… and even busted testicles… YES, you read that right!

This edition of the legendary I.V.C. features their 8th show and, as a bonus, some of the best and most brutal fights from the I.V.C. series.

1. Snap, Crackle….BREAK! Gary Goodridge rips several vertebrae out of his opponent’s neck!
2. My Head Really Hurts (BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA)!
3. Just a Good Ole Beating
4. I’m Gonna Need Some Stitches.
5. THIS ONE’S THE KICKER (OR SQUEEZER)….Gary Goodriges squeezes Pedro Otavio’s nuts until he screams into submission.
6. DeOliveira vs. Costa
7. Augusto Monstrol vs. Marcello Barbosa
9. ROID RAGE – Francisco Bueno vs. Jason Godsey
10. Carlos Baretto vs. Brandon Lee Hinkle (both UFC vets….VERY BLOODY)

Personally, I am disgusted and appalled. 15 dollars to ship to Canada? These guys are animals with no morals.

  • “5. THIS ONE’S THE KICKER (OR SQUEEZER)….Gary Goodriges squeezes Pedro Otavio’s nuts until he screams into submission.”


    WTF lol

  • Lifer says:

    the free market has spoken! we want testicle explosions!

  • 8. RENATO BABALU SOBRAL vs. A victim! Must have been some no name Brazilian right out of the jungle.

    I want this video!

  • you can get this $10 cheaper at

  • koolpaw says:

    (….noticed that the last post on fightlinker was the bloody pic of broken jaw of Mrs. Couture)

  • garth says:

    (^ didn’t catch the joke)

  • fightlinker has been posting a lot on violence, garth

  • MacDaddy says:

    I’ve seen that Goodridge vs Ottavio fight, they’re on the ground and Goodridge hooks his foot into Ottavio’s trunks and crushes his nads for about 10 straight minutes. Gary Goodridge is a scary, scary man, and they weren’t kidding when they called it “Vale Tudo”.

  • Aryan says:

    yea this should be good for the sport

  • Dangerfield says:

    they should broadcast that instead of the noons diaz 2 fight

  • garth says:

    clint: in one way or another just about everything on this site has something to do with violence.

  • It’s all fun and games until someone loses a testicle!

  • Flynn says:

    I tried to buy one of these DVDs when I was in Florida until the retard at FYE told me it wasn’t actually for sale cos it was scratched.

    It’s a nightmare trying to get the more obscure MMA DVDs over here.

  • ive got mine coming in the mail and can’t wait to see some ultra violence.

  • garth says:

    what about that Rio Heroes thing? anything similar?
    bare knuckles doesn’t always mean worse, imo. like al says, you can’t hit as hard when you have nothing protecting your hands.

  • Bare knuckles just mean more blood but less actual permanent damage. I’ve watched Rio heroes and its really not that bad.

  • andres says:

    ohh i love me some valetudo why do people cap on valetudo why in my opinion mma is mma and valetudo is great! maybe im bloodthirsty but i cant wait to have my own valetudo fights

  • rio heroes is pretty poor, just because it’s NHB doesn’t make it any more exciting – the skill level and athleticism is far higher in professional sport

  • andres says:

    actually i like it because of the mind set you have to be in knowing you could get stomped just makes more exciteing tht why im a nhb fanboy

  • Patrick says:

    The Sherdog link ends up charging 19 to ship. Fuck them, Googled it and ships it UPS for 5.

  • Mine shipped for free, but not to commie Canada.

  • koolpaw says:


    The Fact 1:
    Shitdog oops i mean Sherdog sells violent video, and they bills damn super expensive f*cking shipping/handling fee to outside US like $15.
    They should be called “animals with no morals”.

    The Fact 2:
    fightlinker loves violences but they posts them on the blog for all free.
    Potential Conclusion I:
    fightlinker is an animal but has and knows morals.
    Potential Conclusion II:
    fightlinker aint an animal but no morals.
    Another Possibility:
    fightlinker is just a cheap [email protected] who hates to pay international shipping fee of $15.

  • koolpaw says:

    The Fact3
    i need to ask “Native-check” to write something in English b4 i post.
    Conclusion without Arguments
    I no EngRish 100% ok.

  • And we all have supuru fun time extremu!

  • crs says:

    Don’t feel ashamed for wanting to see bloody violence. There is room for both pure sport MMA and ultra violent Brazillian no holds barred fights as a fan. Of course as a whole watching the pure sport MMA is more satisfying in the long term. But if loving watching a guy get knocked out cold, falling to the mat in a pool of his own blood sometimes is wrong….then I don’t wanna be right.

    I bought all of Sherdog’s IVC stuff a while back and will pick this up.