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Statistics out the ass

Even though I think that statistics are Satan and they’ll deceive you straight down to Hell, I still think what Rami at Fightmetric does is pretty fucking cool. So I’m happy to share the news that the guy has gone through every main card fight in the UFC back to UFC 28 and broken them all down into numbers:

In anticipation of UFC 100, FightMetric (, the world’s first comprehensive mixed martial arts statistics and analysis provider, announces the completion of the most extensive statistical breakdown of UFC fights in existence.

“We are very proud to announce the completion of our modern UFC database,” said FightMetic creator Rami Genauer. “Every relevant offensive or defensive maneuver to ever take place since UFC 28 has now been documented. As MMA grows and becomes more mainstream, we’re proud to offer statistics on par with the best stats that exist for traditional sports like baseball and football.”

The larger FightMetric database currently stands at over 1,200 fights and 10,000 minutes of fight time. FightMetric furnishes data that tracks the complete histories for the biggest stars in MMA, including all pre-UFC fights for iconic fighters such as Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva, and full career stats for non-UFC standouts such as Fedor Emelianenko and Shinya Aoki. The expanded database will serve as an authoritative source for a deeper analysis of the sport of MMA.

So congrats Rami on doing something unique and useful. I look forward to your site becoming a key ingredient in many a flame war on which fighter is totally teh bestest.