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Starnes returns

For those of you wondering what ever happened to him, Kalib Starnes just appeared on the radar in this BC Local News article:

He’s since returned to Surrey where he lives with girlfriend Betty Ann Casey, a professional soccer player, and his daughter Sienna. On a recent grey and damp morning, Starnes got up early to make Sienna breakfast, comb her hair and drive her to school before heading to Fitness World in Whalley for his morning workout.

The North Surrey facility is one of four training locations in Surrey where Starnes works out. In addition to the Fraser Heights Black Belt Academy he also goes to Suitela Fitness & Self-Defense Centre, and Revolution Martial Arts. By the time a Leader photographer and reporter arrive, he has already worked up a good sweat.

With six weeks to go before his next scheduled fight in Hawaii, he is 206 lbs., 20 heavier than the middleweight class he will be fighting in. That will come down as the training becomes more intense.

Here’s the only Betty Ann Casey (on the right) I could find who’s a pro soccer player. As for the fight, word is he’ll be taking on Kala Kalohe Hose for a new Hawaii promotion. More on that when I know more.