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Starnes: “All this talk of me having no heart is making me lose heart”

Kalib Starnes has spent the last 48 hours on internet forums trying to convince people that he’s not a pussy:

“Two layers about 15-20 [stitches] in the meat, and 15-20 in the skin-. It cost me about five times as much as I made just to train for that fight, I took a huge financial loss, I’m more upset about that than I am about losing actually. I left with $4,800 after taxes and deductions. Every time I fight I gamble with my health, reputation and financial well being and to have a cut just detroy all my hard work and personal sacrifice like that, I can’t help but wonder if it’s even worth it.”

Here’s a little bit of advice, Kalib. When you’re trying to convince people you have heart and you’re not a quitter, you probably shouldn’t lose heart and contemplate quitting in your post.

  • Boshy Claus says:

    Fuck “Stinky Starnes” why is he called that anyways?

    Kalib flat out gave up.. The cut was gnarly looking but there really wasn’t that much blood. Ref: Can you see? Kalib: No. No see = No fight, if he wanted to stay in the fight he should of told the ref the truth, he could see fine but he’s a stinky vagina.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    im surprised the UFC doesnt cover the costs of medical bills from their fights. if i were fighting, thatd be in my contract.

    welp, looks like we got another TUF loser being weeded out.

  • intenso says:

    the UFC kinda has a monopoly workin here.

  • Lifer says:

    “””After the fight Yves Lavigne came up to me and said “I don’t know why he stopped it, you did everything right, you told him you wanted to continue. The fight was close you were right there I would not have stopped it””””

    the fight was close? yves.. come on… best part of that fight was when belcher put his hands down and was flexing his entire body while he let kalib punch him in the face.

    did yves miss that part or what?

  • Teufel says:

    The ref called for the doctor. The doctor called the fight after he opened up Starnes gaping axewound and saw skull. Belcher sliced him up pretty good if it caused that many stitches, can’t really blame the doctor for calling the fight, otherwise the injury could have gotten a lot worse.

  • Shawn says:

    It’s called INSURANCE you dumb fuck!

    He should just quit. If he’s questioning himself, then he’s got no chance.

    I know these guys don’t make a lot of money per fight, but you’d think that they would know the basics of health insurance. Hell, even a one-night policy wouldn’t run you $4,800.

    Who cares if Canada has universal health care? If he wants free shit, he can just wait ’til he gets back home to see the doctor.

    Should it be required that the fighters have insurance? Probably.
    But as contractors, that’s on the fighter to take care of.

  • Lifer says:

    Is Starnes locked into the same shitty $7k to fight $7k to win contract that the other TUF fighters are fucked over by?

  • dignan says:


    A fighter with heart doesn’t say shit, and doesn’t care what the “internets” are saying about him.

    “It cost me so much money. Waaaah.”

    Doesn’t every fighter take the same risk when they enter a fight? Is he the only one who has been in this predicament? Did somebody hold a gun to his head?

    If I remember correctly, he was the pompous fucking ass on TUF who steamrolled his first opponent and talked shit the rest of the way.

    I am unsure about other MMA fans, but I have a long memory…and he pussed out back then, and pussed out now.

    I’ve seen a wet pussy before, but I’ve never seen one cry.

  • Audacity says:

    When the doctor says that he can see your skull, it’s just about done. Of course, it sucks to have the fight stopped due to a random cut [see Couture vs. Belfort 2], but doctor stoppage is fine when the cut comes from getting your ass beaten [see Couture vs. Belfort 3]. I had voted on MMApredictions for Starnes to win because I thought he had a bit more experience than Belcher, but I had that fight scoring the whole other way. That cut was a result of pure, oldskool ass-whooping.

  • kentyman says:

    I’ve seen a wet pussy before, but I’ve never seen one cry.

    Then you’re not doing it right.

  • John says:

    This site is full of douches. You have me scratching my head here Fightlinker. I can’t believe you enjoy writing for a site where a bunch of dim-witted jackasses congregate and talk shit about fighters. I come here to read some of your mildly interesting articles and every once in a while you write some dumbass story making yourself sound like a complete asshole.

  • rob daniel says:

    Give Starnes a break; nobody’s perfect. He’s had to put up w/ alot of shit since that fight. He deserves a little more respect.

    If you’re going to bash a fighter, slam Randy Couture for biting the hand that feeds him. Where would Randy be without the UFC? Coaching high school wrestling if he’s lucky. Where would the UFC be without Randy? Probably exactly where they are today minus the hassle that is The Natural, Yoko, and the Hollywood agent.

  • dignan says:

    John: Suck a dick.

    This is one of the very few forums in which you can actually state your opinion, crass or not, and not be censored.

    Rob Daniel: Why give Starnes a break? I gave him a break when I cheered for him on TUF and he quit. I cheered for him when he lost his first UFC fight. I cheered for him when he got a shitty win over that fucker Leben. I cheered for him, and than he quit because of his axe gash. No more break for Axe Gash.

    As far as Randy goes. Go through the archives and read all about how I said he could go fuck himself.

  • dignan says:

    Hey wait…I just put this together.

    It cost him 5x as much to train as he made…so after taxes he would’ve only made $9600.00 if he won, right?

    So either way it cost him $24,000 to train for this fight? He made $4800.00, and wouldve maxed out at 9600.00?

    He was a loser either way…so if he won would he still be complaining. What a loser.

  • Rob: we already ripped on couture two weeks ago. It won’t be the last time either.

    John: I don’t see how you can’t appreciate the irony of a guy trying to prove he doesn’t quit saying in the same breath that he feels like quitting. That’s like a gold medal in the Ironic Olympics.

    And as a side note, i think the cut stoppage was justified and i don’t think Starnes had anything to do with it. But overall, this situation is amusing to me.

  • John says:

    That’s the thing. You’re just giving all the ignorant dumbasses who haven’t trained for a single day in their life ammunition. By picking out certain bits and parts of what Kalib says and taking them out of context you’re just fueling the fire. The guy just fucking made 5 grand for a fight that he payed to train for and busted his ass just to have it stopped and have dumb fucks questioning his heart. Just because he says it might not be worth it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have heart in the octagon. BTW, apparently his injury on TUF was very serious. Maybe if he threw himself on the ground and started sobbing people would believe him. Before anybody thinks I’m some sort of Kalib nut-hugger, I’m not. It just bugs the hell out of me when people start talking shit about fighters when they have no idea what they go through.

  • Oh boo. MMA takes itself way too seriously. I’m not here to pass judgement … I’m just here to make jokes and have fun. If Smelly Starnes can’t take it, he really does need to find a new line of work.

  • John says:

    That makes you an asshole. Nobody saying you should get teary eyed over whether a fighter loses, how much they make etc. You just shouldn’t deliberately take shit out of context just to garner attention for your site. That’s what we Americans call being a douchebag.

  • Well holy shit … it’s taken you this long to figure it out? But in this case, I don’t see how I’m taking anything out of context. And past that point, who says we can’t take what someone says and make a humorous comparison? That’s called a joke, and it’s pretty much what this site is all about. You say you’ve been around here for a while, so I assume you must enjoy *some* of the jokes here. But just because you don’t find this funny doesn’t mean it isn’t.

    Here’s your problem … you agree with enough of what I say that you actually think what I post here matters. That’s absolutely not true. We’re all just around here fucking around and wise cracking. That’s the point of the site. That’s why people come here rather that

  • Boshy Claus says:

    John, you sound like a damned woman.

  • garth says:

    Jesus fucking christ on a pogo stick, John, are you fucking retarded? You’re dragging this shit out over your OPINION over f-linkers OPINION. Your asshole doesn’t stink? Who the fuck are you saying “These assholes who’ve never trained a day in their life”? Do you know fuck-all first things about “these assholes”? Not one fucking thing, you ignorant pigfucker. So shut your fucking cakehole, get some massengil, and wash that sand out of your fucking itchy vagina, because it is making you sound like a shit-soaked fucking wankrag.

  • garth says:

    “It just bugs the hell out of me when people start talking shit about fighters when they have no idea what they go through.”

    This comment makes you a fucking shithead. Do you even know what unintentionally ironic fuckin’ means? Here, Look at it this way:

    “It just bugs the hell out of me when people start talking shit about [strangers on the internet] when they have no idea what they go through.”

    You fucking cocksucker.

  • dignan says:

    John = Kalib Starnes

    Listen Kalib. You suck. Your math is shitty if you only made 5k and it cost you 24k to train. How about you either start winning, stop quitting fights, or just plain shut the fuck up, and all your problems will go away.

    We see through your charade Kalib aka John. You’re a fucking dick licker.

    Thats what you “Americans” call being a douchebag? Taking shit out of context??? Holy fuck you’re a moron. You can’t get us off your trail calling yourself American. Just fess us Kalib, fuck mang…

    The reason SOOO many people hate you so intantaneously is that we saw through your act. Go do something better with your life.

  • John says:

    You guys are all fucking dim-witted motherfuckers. You don’t even get it do you? I’m not arguing with fightlinker’s opinion. He’s 10x smarter than you assfucks. Read my posts again morons. Especially you dignan. You’re the dumbest of the bunch. Yeah, I’m Kalib alright. Idiot.

  • intenso says:

    maybe Kalib should stay off internet forums if he doesn’t want internet faggots talking shit about him.

  • John says:

    If you guys truly believe that I’m Kalib then you’re dumber than I initially thought. Jeez, I’m just hoping you guys are all 15 year olds. That would be a relief. Fightlinker thrives off of idiotic 15 year olds which is quite pathetic. I’m done losers.

  • Lifer says:

    you won the internet!

  • dignan says:

    Lifer: Good call.

    The special gift John was given is a very rare one. Not being able to detect sardonic or sarcastic situations is not easy.

    John: Please let us know where we can donate to your cause.

  • dignan says:

    BY the way, I got banned from Sherdog today. :)

    It was for either mentioning fightlinker, ripping on Starnes or both.

  • Wow … this is like where people go when they get voted off the island. Surprisingly, most of the people here are relatively civil (well, with eachother)