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Staph infection KO’s Spencer Fisher

By now you’ve probably heard about the liquid AIDS … er … bad case of staph infection tearing through Pat Miletich’s camp like wildfire. If you don’t know the skinny on staph infections, check this out. So far the fighters hit include Drew McFedries, Tim Sylvia, and Spencer Fisher. While I would like to think Tim Sylvia’s staph is proof of a divine power, I just can’t imagine a God who would allow Spencer Fisher to suffer the same fate.

With the Spence all fucked up, the UFC has chosen Kenny Florian to replace him against Din Thomas at Ultimate Fight Night 11. While I was looking forward to seeing Fisher pound Din’s face in, I have to admit that Florian-Thomas intrigues me on a different level. Both guys are experts on the ground so it’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out. I’m giving this one to Kenny because he was badass enough to hang out in Afghanistan for a week.

Anyways I hope Team Miletich stops sharing the soap or starts washing the grappling mats. Maybe if Pat and the gang weren’t so busy whoring around town, this kind of shit wouldn’t happen!