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StandGate on ESPN / Rome is Burning

The EliteXC stuff starts at 2:30 remaining.

“I’m not saying that EliteXC was looking to fix the fight but of course they were looking to manipulate the outcome. By definition you do that when you put a guy in who you think has no chance of winning and they wouldn’t have put him in if they thought he had any chance of beating their franchise fighter. And knowing that their guy was vulnerable on the mat and that that would be Petruzelli’s best chance of winning, is it possible that they made it worth his while not to go down there? Possible? Who knows.

“This much I do know. If you really are choreographing fights and manipulating their outcome you’re no better than pro wrestling which isn’t even a sport, it’s a soap opera. Which is fine because we know pro wrestling is fake. But we’re assuming what we see in the cage is legit. Investing millions in and then having the face of the franchise exposed as a fraud is bad but if EliteXC did anything to manipulate the outcome of the fight, it’s even worse. You can replace Slice, but you can’t get back your cred once you lost it. And what in the world is a mainstream network like CBS doing right in the middle of this?”