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Standard sketchy Japanese booking shenanigans

Fighting for Japanese promotions sounds like fun. They tell you you’re fighting, but they don’t tell you who. A week or two before the event, maybe you’ll have an opponent or maybe you won’t. You probably won’t. Or maybe you end up like Andrei Arlovski, who was told he was fighting Alistair Overeem on FEG’s Dynamite NYE event right up until he found out Overeem was fighting Ironhead Fujita instead:

“To our surprise, as probably many of you saw, Alistair Overeem is going to be fighting Fujita during that event,” Arlovski’s manager Leo Khorlinsky said Wednesday in a video chat on Arlovski’s official website. “I actually just off the phone with the Japanese person who were handling so far the communication and paperwork with me, and he basically did not have a logical explanation or any comment in regards to it.”

Khorlinsky said they had already informed friends and family members that they would not be able to spend Christmas and New Year’s with them because Arlovski would be traveling to Japan for the Overeem fight.

“That’s the fight that we accepted,” Khorlinsky said. “That’s the fight that we were officially offered by DREAM. And actually several days earlier we received the paper work from Japan to go and obtain a Japanese VISA.”

Also sitting on the sidelines after getting dicked around forever by FEG is Tim Sylvia. I had my suspicions that his chain was being yanked ever since he started bringing the NYE booking up, but that was just a hunch I had based on how pathetic he’s seemed lately. Oh, and how poorly Monte Cox has been handling his career. Lo and behold, via his MySpace page:

Not fighting in japan now so I am going hunting.

Followed by this:

This is for the dumb ass that talk shit I love to hunt and always will plus fedor his brother randy and many other fighters hunt dumb ass.

Poor Timmy gets no respect. Him being off the NYE card is too bad … a rumored Sylvia vs Hong Man Choi match-up would have been kinda cool in a freakshow kinda way.