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Stallone talks up Randy Couture

Sylvester Stallone was on the David Letterman show a few days ago and he talked Randy Couture up pretty good:

Stallone: “You’ve got Randy Couture who’s six-time world champion.”

Letterman: “Six-time world champion…mixed martial arts guy? These guys are dangerous, aren’t they?”

Stallone: “Oh my God! You know what? They don’t know their own strength. Randy kept air-mailing people into these…We shot in an old fort with solid brick walls and I would notice these stunt men hitting the walls six feet up, like ‘Crash! Boom!’ And finally, they were begging me, ‘Don’t let him touch me anymore. Seriously, I can’t take it anymore. I’m so beat up I can’t breathe straight.’ And Steve Austin’s going — you know he’s a tough guy — but he’s saying, ‘Take me out.'”

Letterman: “No, they’re the real deal.”

Stallone: “And they ask me, ‘If you put all these tough guys — Dolph Lundgren and Jet Li in a room together let’s see who comes out.’ If you walked in 10 minutes later you’d see Randy Couture sitting on top of us havin’ a chocolate fudge sundae as we’re all like gone.”

It’s nice to see Randy getting some exposure considering all the previews – including the shit shown during UFC events for frick’s sake – have him getting about 6 or 7 frames worth of screen time. The other half of the Stallone interview (sans MMA talk but still surprisingly entertaining for a late night promo thing) is after the jump.