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Staff Picks WEC 50

Did this guy wander off the set of Schindler’s List 2: Electric Boogaloo?

Bart Palaszewski vs.  Zach Micklewright

Reverend- Battle of the copy and paste names, not that I’m one to talk. I’ve got Bart winning this just based on the fact that Zach hasn’t beaten anyone good. His last opponent was Mushy Cornbread Muhsin Corbbry. Bart Palcsadlncsabdfleab is on a 3 fight win streak including a win against some lady named Karen. Shit the guy has 34 wins! Micklewright trains with Miletich so right off the bat he is doomed to lose.

Bart Palaszewski via submission 2nd Rd

Subo – Karen, as you so dismissively referred to as a chick, is a damn good fighter. However, my faith in Bart – amplified, like for everyone else, by his IFL days – has just fallen off of the tracks lately. Also, Miletich has a hell of a record training guys.

Micklewright via TKO 2nd round

Scott Jorgensen vs.  Brad Pickett

Reverend- Scott not only looks like he has been on fire… the guy has been on fire in the cage. 4-1 in his last 5 and his last loss coming by the way of Chucks butt buddy Antonio “El Bano” Banuelos. Brad Pickett has heavy hands but also has some sweet subs under his belt. Tough one to call but I think Scotty is gonna pull this one out. plus Pickett wears a queer hat.

Scott Jorgensen via submission 3rd Rd

Subo- Jorgensen is one of my favorite fighters fighting today. Never puts on a bad show. Two great (competitive yet not particularly close) battles with Banuelos. Pickett does, in fact, wear a pretty gay hat – that makes this easier.

Jorgensen via insane guillotine, round 2

Cub Swanson vs Chad Mendes

Reverend- Cub Swanson besides having a dumb first name is also the winner of 2 FOTN awards. Chad Mendes has fought no one of note and has no FOTN awards. Cub was on an 11 fight win streak until Jens Pulver got his last win to date. Cub takes this easily unless Chad Mendes has some hidden powers.

Cub Swanson via Submission 3rd Rd

Subo – Totally disagree here. Who was that guy that beat Cub Swanson? The doner-than-done Pulver? Oh, ok.

Mendes via decision (unanimous)
Shane Roller vs Anthony Pettis

Reverend- Both these guys have a nice win streak going and are currently the Hot Bout on MMAPlayground. Roller is a wrestler and Pettis more of a striker, he is trained by Duke Roufus. This fight is tough to call since both guys are on a roll, I predict FOTN if the main event doesn’t claim it. I think the striker will take it though, these little bastards are so damn quick!

Pettis via Unanimous Decision

Subo- This is an amazing fight (and, despite my fervent love for Donald Cerrone, for the next title fight against Benson Henderson). Pettis has great hands compared to Roller, but so did The Assassin, and we all saw how shitty Roller made him look. I’m largely making this coin flip the way i am because I’m supremely interested in seeing Roller against Benson.

Roller via submission, round 2

Dominick Cruz vs Joseph Benavidez

Reverend- Wow this fight is just waiting to be FOTY. Both guys are beasts, if you can be a beast at 135lbs. Cruz has previously beaten Joseph, winning FOTN, but since then Jose has tko’d Rani Yahya and submitted previous WEC 135 God Miguel Torres. Cruz on the other hand has been on a 6 fight winning streak and his last loss was to the then Featherweight Champion Urijah Faber. Damn tough to call, as a good match up should be.

Dominick Cruz via TKO/Ko 3rd Rd

Subo- You can totally be a 135 lb beast. Cruz ain’t, though – he may have the most technically impressive striking in all of MMA (sorry Machida), but he’s not exactly gigantic for the weight. I think Benavidez avenges his only loss here (and follows in the footsteps of his partner, Urijah Faber, in being the second man to defeat Cruz).

Benavidez by TKO round 3