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Staff Picks for UFC on Versus 2

That’s the most action we have seen out of Okami in years

Another event means another set of picks, later to be added to by that lazy Coloradoan Subo.

Tyson Griffin vs Takanori Gomi

Reverend- I see this fight going down like a Friday night at subo’s… lots of man on man “wrestling”. Gomi isn’t the fighter he used to be and Tyson isn’t the quality of fighters Gomi fought back in Pride, ie cans. Griffin is a lay n’ pray genius… 8 of his last 9 fights were decisions, even his fucking losses. He does put on good fights in a brown GSP kinda way.

Griffin via UD

Subo- So sorry I was busy mowing the lawn and filling my car with the unemployment that just came through here (big ups to Obama and the Dems, a Nick Diaz salute to the Republicans), fellow white unemployed American. I’m also going to correct your many spelling errors that A FUCKING JACKAL had issues with. Anyway, I’m hoping Griffin doesn’t devolve into his alter ego wrestler persona and keeps it standing a ‘la the Sherk fight. Of course, if Gomi clips him, we all know where this is headed. I’ll be seriously impressed with Gomi’s willingness to game plan if he goes out there and tries to take Griffin down if he loses, say, the first round. I like Tyson. I’m babbling. Tyson by UD.

John Howard vs Jake Ellenberger

Reverend- John Howard is a beast on a rolel (the movement, Clint, not the thing you do with those guys in the leather masks and sailor suits) and Jake Ellenberger beat Mike “Steaming” Pyle. Howard is an up and comer and Jake is well just there living. Jake is wrestler but i see Howard just laying waste to his face.

Howard via KO/TKO rd. 1

Subo- I’m pretty sure this is in part because of the fact that I still think Jake beat Carlos Condit and that Clint couldn’t even come up with a Howard opponent to make an insulting nickname out of. Ellenberger is just super well rounded and can pick where this thing takes place.  Also, not a fan of Howard’s decision to send troops to Iraq.  Jake by 2nd round TKO.

Mark Munoz vs Yushin Okami

Reverend- Okami could be the lamest fighter no one cares about. Munoz fucked up that Hawaiian homo Kendell Grove who killed Evan Tanner. Damn it so did Okami, but I still see Okami riding his way to a shitty victory. I hope Munoz send his ass packing but I just don’t see him getting past Yushin impenetrable wall of boring.

Okami via UD

Subo- You fucked up “isn’t” on your first draft but you nail impenetrable. Weird. Anyway, the best part about Sonnen upsetting Okami (and it was a SHOCKING upset) was that I didn’t have to listen to anyone bitching about the oft-injured Yushin not getting a title shot (“BUT HE WON VIA DQ AGAINST ANDERSON LOL”). He’s still a solid fighter, and despite the fact that Lucio Linhares may not be UFC-ready, Okami dominated him something fierce. That said, I have a lot of faith in Munoz’ future at 185… just can’t get the fact that Kendall Grove almost finished him out of my mind. Okami by OD (Okami decision)

Jon Jones vs Vladimir Matyushenko

Reverend- I’m probably going to get burned by everyone here but I’m going to say Vlad takes this one via dry humping that only an ex-IFL Champion can. Jones is a beast and he has all the tools to fuck Vlad up… bad. He has faced wrestlers before; “Bring the noise” Hamill and “The Irish Blanket Party” O’Brien… but none of them use their wrestling quite like Vlad. I see this going the way of Fergie…. My Humps, My Humps.

Matyushenko via UD

Subo- These people anointing Jon Jones as Raiden and Allah’s love child need to step the fuck back. His two best wins are Brandon Vera and Stephan Bonnar, he’s not even 23 years old yet, and I hear people saying that Rashad Evans is afraid to fight him? Seriously? I love his Greco game, but questions abound about his cardio late in fights and his unorthodox (read: sloppy) stand up game. Incredible to watch, a serious prospect, but this is by far his toughest opponent to date. Vlad has four losses, is 1-1 against Lil Nog (who would probably piece Bones up today) and was a heavyweight for a good chunk of his career. He’s also 3-0 since losing to the aforementioned Nog in Affliction (hah, remember Affliction?). Too bad he’s 39. I don’t think Joe Silva picked someone to beat Jones – but I will laugh my ass off if I’m wrong. Jones by something prety.

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