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Staff Picks for UFC 111

It’s time to throw down our picks for Saturday’s UFC 111 card. After reading our keen insight into each bout, you’ll be able to watch the fights with a better appreciation for what’s going down. Just kidding. We’re all full of shit.

Richardo Almeida vs Matt Brown

Reverend Clint: Well unless Richardo put some lemon juice in Matt’s chew I don’t see him winning… then again Almeida has a chin of shale. Brown has a punchers chance but you can tell this is just a can match for Almeida. Since Brown is susceptible to submissions and Ricardo is basically limited to submissions look for lots of take downs and playing the blanket by Almeida.

Prediction: Almeida by Unanimous Decision.

Shawn: A lot of people are picking Almeida in this fight due to his high-level experience, his jiu-jitsu wizardry, and his wins over guys like Marquardt and Kazuo Misaki. But I think that’s stupid, because Matt Brown has one intangible factor that Almeida lacks: badassery.

Brown’s go-to move is face punching. While he might not be the most technically proficient boxer, he’s got the grit and toughness to give anybody a tough night. Almeida is the smart pick, but considering Brown made heroin his bitch, I like his chances against Almeida, and I’m taking him for the W.

Nate Diaz vs Rory Markham

Shawn: I hate Diaz. He’s about as articulate as Helen Keller, and his constant post-fight bitching boils my blood. Stylistically this one’s obviously likely to end with a slick submission from Diaz, but there’s also a chance that Markham’s KO power could finish off Stockton’s finest. Since I’m hoping that’s the way the fight ends, I’ll go with Markham via sending Diaz’s fat head into Kevin James’ nachos.

Reverend Clint: Nate Diaz takes this one but not before taking a beating like usual. Rory is 16-5 with 11 wins via TKO/KO compared to Nate’s 11-5 with 7 via submission. Markham trains at Miletich so you can bet his wrestling is pretty good but his Jits are pretty shitty. Diaz is pretty much the opposite of Rory… crap stand up but great Ju Jitsu. Nate has an uncanny ability to get the shit beat out of him by strikers but find that moment of weakness. His only recent losses come from wrestlers.

Prediction: Diaz via submission rd. 1

On to the Main Card of the PPV. I could go over the dark portion but I’m lazy. I have to say the New Jersey is getting a pretty good card for a change. Hopefully they show the fuckers across the river that MMA is a great sport that deserves to be featured at Madison Square Garden.

Jim Miller vs Mark Bocek

Reverend Clint: Jim Miller, the brother of Dan not Cole, has gotta win this fight because Mark Bocek is nothing special. Why this fight is on the main card I have no idea… maybe it’s because Jim is from New Jersey.

Prediction: Miller via Unanimous Decision

Shawn: This one’s on the main card because Miller is 5-1 in the UFC, with impressive stoppage wins over David Baron and Bang Ludwig. It’s good to see a grinder like Miller get some exposure. Despite the way people tend to tout Bocek’s BJJ game, he was subbed by that vegan fucker Mac Danzig and there’s no reason to think this one ends any different. Miller will win, and win impressively, and he’ll set himself up for a big fight with one of the divisions top contenders.

Jon Fitch vs Ben Saunders

Reverend Clint: This fight is actually more interesting to me that either fighters previously scheduled bout. If Fitch wins it means he is one step closer to a championship fight. If Saunders wins it means he is pretty much guaranteed a fight against the winner of GSP/Hardy. If I was a betting man, after my last trip to the casino I don’t feel so bad about the Trail of Tears, I would put money on Ben but I am gonna pick Fitch to ground out a boring fight. i would love to see Ben throw a knee to Jon’s face and Vera his ass but probably not gonna happen.

Prediction: Fitch via Unanimous Decision.

Shawn: Despite what Dana’s been saying, and what Clint just said, I think the next title shot will go to Paul Daley or Paulo Thiago, not the winner of this one. But there’s no doubting that this is still a HUGE fight for both guys, and a very significant fight in the stacked 170 pound division. I have to go with Fitch here, even though I have a raging hard-on for Saunders thai clinch.

Kurt Pellegrino vs Fabricio Camoes

Reverend Clint: This fight is hard to pick since both these guys have the same skills and basically cancel each other out. Fun fact’s: Camoes supposedly once fought Anderson Silva for 27 minutes bare knuckle and Pellegrino is illiterate so I see this fight going towards him via ignorant rage. Look for Kurt to take Fabricio down and pound his ass.

Prediction: Pellegrino via TKO rd. 1

Shawn: Can’t argue with that prediction.

Frank Mir vs Shane Carwin

Reverend Clint: Frank Mir has great Ju Jitsu and passable striking and Shane Carwin has great wrestling and freakish power. I’m going with Colorado Brock on this one. He is gonna go ape shit on Mir… full on Donkey Kong. Don’t get me wrong i like Mir, unlike many people here, but he is going to get the same treatment as he got from Brock. Carwin hasn’t fought in like a year but I see that not affecting him too much.

Prediction: Carwin via KO Rd. 1

Shawn: Mir via head kick. Just kidding. Carwin is going to land one of those bear paws on Mir’s face pubes and secure himself a date with Cock Chestnar.

Georges St. Pierre vs Dan Hardy

Reverend Clint: GSP is going to rape Hardy but after some dancing around the cage. Hardy has a punchers chance and GSP has been taking out by a guy with that same skill. Once GSP figures Hardy out he will go in for the kill and they lay on him for a while. Look for GSP to knee and punch the shit out of Hardy for like a round before it is finally ended.

Prediction: GSP via TKO rd. 2

Shawn: Something about this fight almost makes me want to pick Hardy for the upset, but that’s just not rational. GSP is going to win dominantly and the chatter about him moving up in weight is going to explode after the fight, even though it’s not going to happen anytime soon, if ever.