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Squirty squirt

During the latest Low Blow we railed on Scott Smith for waiting on the ref to stop the fight and check the cut on Robbie Lawler’s head. But after seeing the cut and now seeing this picture of blood squirting out of Robbie’s head with more pressure than most high school water fountains manage, I’m starting to understand Smith’s reasoning.

From Esther’s description of the pic:

The blood was squirting out of Robbie’s head right over me as he punched and kneed Scott Smith in their rematch at the Stockton Arena.

It’s not a great photo but I mean, dude, there is blood squirting out of his head, and he’s not even getting hit. It’s just going, like a spring.

More goodness surrounding Robbie’s plasma here. It still doesn’t beat Joe Stevenson’s gusher, but that one really got flowing on account of BJ Penn squeezing the fuck out of Joe Daddy’s neck.