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Spinning back kick from God

If you thought Stephan Bonnar was fighting a strange fight against Mark Coleman back at UFC 100, it might have been because he was trying to pull off a dream finish from God. Literally:

Prior to the July 11 fight, Bonnar had a dream that he was going to knock the former UFC heavyweight champion out with a spinning back kick. Bonnar, who next faces Krzystzof Soszynski at UFC 110 on Feb. 21, became consumed by the need to land that kick. He would make it happen. He would find the opportunity and bam — glory.

Despite carrying the nickname “The American Psycho,” Bonnar is no more a crackpot than most MMA fighters. But until then, he rarely would dream about fighting, much less his opponent.

“That’s why I took it so seriously,” Bonnar told ( on Wednesday. “It’s like, ‘Ah! God sent me a message! I’m going to take Coleman out with a spinning back kick.'”

Instead, Coleman did what he does best and smothered Bonnar’s superior striking with patented ground-and-pound. Bonnar threw the kick in the second round but missed, and suddenly, he was on the canvas, where he spent most of the fight’s remainder.

The old dog showed the young buck a thing or two.

“If [the kick] would have landed, everyone would have said how great I was, but it didn’t, and I get a bunch of [expletive] for it,” Bonnar said. “That’s how it is.”

Maybe if his gameplan wasn’t dream-related, it wouldn’t have sucked and then he would have won and everyone would have been very impressed indeed. Instead Bonnar got decisioned hardcore by a 45 year old man, which is why he ‘got a bunch of shit’ instead.