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Spencer Fisher’s fighting wife

Hey, did you know that Spencer Fisher’s wife is also a fighter? MMA Junkie has a long article on her story, which has some pretty interesting parts:

Near the time Emily and Spencer began dating, she accompanied him to a “toughman” contest at a local bar. It wasn’t the tightest of operations. They arrived to find no ring, and the explanation came that a car accident caused a fire in the trailer carrying the ring. Masking tape was slapped on the ground, and beer-drinking onlookers were recruited to serve as backstops, pushing errant fighters back toward one another.

An interesting setting for Fisher’s first fight, even if she didn’t mean it to be. Several women in the crowd wanted to fight, so officials went seeking more females. After talking it over with Spencer, Fisher signed up.

After two months of boxing training, she faced an opponent who seemed more interested in headlocks than throwing punches. Fisher eventually threw a hard left hook that won her the fight, and the hardest shot she took was accidental and from her own glove.

My favorite part of this article is where it talks about a new type of fighter: someone not doing it for money or to become famous and make a career … just people who want a challenge from time to time. Perhaps a certain OTHER MMA wife could recognize that and stop wasting everyone’s time on the televised portion of big events? Just an idea.