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Special moments from UFC 132


Palhares wins for overall insanity, but there’s something freakier in Leben’s eyes.  Maybe they should fight each other after Palhares destroys his opponent next month. 



Chris is even snottier than usual.  Puns is highbrow shit.



Where’s the outrage? Rampage fake-motorboats someone and people want his head.  White boy does it fo’realz and nobody gives a shit.  Dat’s Racist.



Now wouldn’t this be the more appropriate time to nuzzle your face into Lavigne’s inviting bosom?  Firstly, Siver looks adorable in his hat.  He always looks awkward and uncomfortable, like his mom dressed him in his older brother’s still slightly-too-big hand-me-downs.  Secondly, why is Wiman taking his hat and shirt off as he storms away?  Your sponsors didn’t judge the fight Matt.  Maybe there’s a rumble in a nearby high school parking lot he needs to get to.  BTW, I dig you Wiman, but you lost. 


No.  There are no Bieber gifs.  Damn you UFC.  I can honestly say that before Saturday, I wouldn’t have been able to pick Justin Bieber out of a line-up filled with him and 4 other metrosexual teenage white boys.  I’m not really sure that I could now either, but that’s beside the point.  It took a lot of effort to keep my psyche Bieber-free, but now he’s there, and it’s because of the UFC.  

  • Redping says:

    that wiiman/siver fight sure was close, i’m sure i wasn’t the only one in a room full of people split 50/50 arguing about it

  • Grappo says:

    I could see possibly giving the 2nd round 10-8 to Wiman making it a draw, but thought Siver fairly clearly won the first and last.  I wonder how much Wiman’s hissy affected the crowd.  They didn’t start grumbling until after his tantrum and he was already out of the cage.  They were anti-Siver (or Pro-Wiman/American) from the get-go though.

  • Redping says:

    i don’t know man, I felt like both the first and third round were close, and the middle round really wasn’t. That might be why it seemed so controversial, ’cause really if you look at the strikes/takedowns/sub attempts in the last round its pretty damn hard to pick a winner. siver is a more interesting title contender than wiiman though, I’d love to see him vs Pettis or Barbosa. But I mean, Ross pearson boxed him up pretty good when they fought, and I don’t know if he’s improved as much as ross has since then, so i don’t really see him getting anywhere near the title shot when he has to face another elite striker (remember guillard?)

  • P W says:

    Good event though, but a bit light on the grappling/jits/judo side. Like really great fries but no burger.

  • P W says:

    Most hilarious thing of the night: Rogan and Goldberg, who try so hard to come across cool and macho, dressed in all black, unshaven, growling out “AND HERE WE GO!” at the start of each fight, but then immediately have to follow it up with “Presented by Bud Light Lime with a twist”. That’s about one step from “Presented by Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse – new from Mattel”.

  • Oontyex says:

    i think wiman won it – nothing really happened in rounds 1 and 3, and i would have given at least one of them 10-10 and the second could easily have been 10-8. Saying siver won doesnt accurately represent who was on the ass side of the damage during the fight

  • Oontyex says:

    fightmetric has it 29-28 wiman too, giving him rounds 2 and 3

  • frickshun says:

    Under current rules……I gave rd 1 to Siver (seemed clear in my mind) & rd 2 just missed being 10-8 (although a major scoring change needs to be more liberal use of points to differentiate volume & quality of damage). I got bored & stopped 1/2 way through rd 3!!

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    Watching it live (i.e. drunk), I thought Wiman had it. However, the staff at Bloody Elbow as well as the judges ringside had it for Siver and that doesn’t seem like too far of a stretch. I think everyone (including myself) suffered from “blood blindness” and automatically discounted a lot what Siver did in the third based on the thrashing he took in round two. 

    In addition, Wiman acted like a little bitch after the fight and therefore didn’t deserve the decision win. This isn’t Stockton-Rules fighting. I could see acting that way if you were robbed, but it was a close fight and he has no one to blame but himself for the loss. Handsome little bitch though. 

  • Grappo says:

    fightmetric has it 29-28 wiman too, giving him rounds 2 and 3


    I don’t bother with FightMetric.   Even when they side on my view of an outcome, I don’t look to them to validate my opinion on a fight.  They seem to credit “power” and significant” strikes differently than I do on many occasions.   But, looking at their own stats, it seems pretty inexplicable how they would score that for Wiman, especially given the 3rd round, which should be the point of debate.

    They do credit takedown attempts (not sure whether they value them though) but not a successful takedown defense.  In Siver’s case, his TD defense sometimes lead him to force Wiman down into a vulnerable position where he could do nothing but hold on to a leg and eat punches while Siver crushes down on him with all his weight.  That should count for something.   I also notice that (in the 3rd) they don’t credit Siver with his reversal, nor his last second guillotine attempt.  But they do credit Wiman’s 2nd guillotine which Siver was out of in 1 1/2 seconds.  Even with that deficit, it still seems that they should have scored that round for Siver based on their own stats. 

    RD 3 – Total Strikes

    47-6 in favor of Siver

    RD 3 – Grappling

    2 Guillotine atts. for Wiman, NOTHING for Siver despite his own guillotine and reversal


    It’s all bullshit.