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Spank Tank: Willa Ford in “Maximal” Magazine

The only thing better than Willa Ford in a bikini is Willa Ford in lingerie. Okay, so Willa Ford naked would beat both of those, and Willa Ford porno sounds fucking wicked. So Willa Ford in lingerie is actually pretty far down the list of most awesome things out there. But it’s certainly nowhere near the top of the list of things we don’t want to see. So go look at those pic, damnit!

If you didn’t know, Willa and Chuck Liddell used to be an item stemming from their time on the Ultimate Fighter season 1, but she made him do all sorts of really gay shit like promote Dancing with the Stars. Now Chuck is engaged to the not quite as hot but probably way cooler and less demanding Dolphin Head.

As part of the “I had Chuck’s penis inside of me” club, Willa is fair game for Spank Banks (along with half the rest of the female population). So enjoy these pics of Willa in lingerie.