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Spank Tank profile: Jenny Dodd

Name: Jenny Dodd

Weight: 118lbs
Bust: 30DD
Hometown: Reading/ Berkshire. UK

Jake: Ok, the standard question first: Who’s your favorite MMA fighter?

Jenny: My favorite fighter is Michael Bisping

Jake:I know that some women get a bit wild when they are around a fighter who’s just won his bout. Do you find yourself occasionally wanting their babies?

Jenny: Ummm, to be honest not really, the blood sweat and general status of them after finishing a fight isn’t exactly a turn-on for me, some audience members know that’s another scenario!

Jake: What’s the sexiest thing you do without knowing it (like sleeping naked for instance)?

Jenny: I have very “come to bed” eyes, and once I’ve had a few, my eyes do all the talking.

Jake: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you during a photo shoot?

Jenny: Nothing too major thank god, however on one occasion I picked clearly an unsuitable thong as once I got the photos back I realized my foo foo [we assume that means anus] was all but winking at me.

Jake: What’s the sexiest thing about MMA?

Jenny: Female fights before things get too rough. I have to say the writhing around together even does it for me, let alone you blokes.

Jake: Who is the sexiest fighter in the world?

Jenny: It has to be from personally meeting Paul Daley. That body is one hell of a physique. Good lad too but the body is hummena hummena hummena!!!