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Spank Tank: Phantom Strikeforce chick

Did ya know that Strikeforce has a really hot ring girl by the name of Maysa Quy? Yeah, me neither up until now. This is despite the fact that I just watched a Strikeforce event the other day. She may or may not have been the one working the show … if she was, HDNet did a stellar job of making sure we didn’t get one good look at her.

Say what you will about the hotness factor of the UFC’s ring girls in comparison to this Asian pearl, but the UFC does an amazing job of marketing their chicks with minimal effort. They have a few tasteful shots (aka no upskirt cam or ‘in ya titties’ angles) of the girls, and the announcers acknowledge their existence and drop their names. For that, they have the best known ring girls in MMA, and perhaps any sport that includes ring girls. If I’m wrong and there are more famous ring girls out there, you seriously have to email me. Include pictures. Many pictures.

Anyways, there’s more pictures of Maysa Quy here and here. Sadly enough, the last place you’re gonna find her is on the Strikeforce website or during their events.