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Spank Tank: Nelita Villezon

Behind the scenes with Jet Beauty of the Week Nelita Villezon from Jirard on Vimeo.

A cage and some MMA gloves are all you need to make a half decent model photoshoot as far as I’m concerned. There should be a change to the Unified Rules that says all female fighters must wear those fuzzy booty shorts or cute pink muay thai shorts.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Jet Beauty of the week ROFL!

    Damn, that shit takes me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back.

    Like before I convinced my mom to get broadband and I could modernize my voyeur game. Most girls with looks are too busy in actual rap videos to be wasting time with Jet magazine.

    Thanks Ryan, nothing hits the spot like nostalgia lol.

  • Slappy san says:

    Back in the day….yeah JBotW was something to see for the 13 year old me.

  • Slappy san says:

    Just watched the vid. Another LSLH. *snores* That’s about the only thing worse than a fake freakish ass. Nice to see MMA making an appearance in Jet though.