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Spank Tank: Natasha’s bum is healing nicely

In case you haven’t heard, former (unfortunately) Octagon Girl Natasha Wicks recently had a little wipeout on her “Sector 9” longboard, in which she did “7 flips downhill” and suffered some nasty roadrash on several parts of her body, including both cheeks of her glorious ass.  She also scraped up her hand and shoulder, but this ain’t Saudi Arabia and we’re not here to look at pics of some chick’s shoulder, so never mind that shit.  Since she can’t seem to go more than a day or two without attention-whoring via Twitter (and God bless her for it), she graciously provided photographic evidence of the grisly damage for our review.

The horrific accident was six weeks ago, and above is the condition of her poor bottom as of yesterday.  She seems to have healed well, and by now it looks like she just received a mild spanking or something… yeah, a spanking…  So anyways, moving on, you can also still see a scrape on her forearm and the spot on her hand where a good chunk of skin was removed, but I don’t blame you if it took you a couple minutes to notice that she even has hands.

If you’re freaky enough that you don’t mind an open sore or two with your PG-rated pr0n, after the jump are 4 more pics of the immediate aftermath.

The fresh carnage:

The next day:

Two days later is an odd combo of “mmm, nice” and “that looks like it stings”:

3 days later, this one’s a bit gross: