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The Spank Tank: Edith Labelle photoshoot

MMARated seems to have the market cornered on UFC ring girl videos and the like. Today they’ve put up some footage from a photoshoot with Edith Labelle aka Edith Larente aka Annabelle plus an interview.

“But Fightlinker!” you say, “Don’t you think Edith is gross?”

Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the ridiculous fake tit cannons she’s got or her usual ‘egg sucking’ or ‘duck lips’ posing. But she comes across as a generally nice girl in the interview … plus she has a vagina which makes her fair game for the Spank Tank.

Oh and speaking of the Spank Tank, that’s the new name for our feature on all things frisky on Fightlinker. The Daily Rubout wasn’t daily and too few people knew what a rubout was (seriously, what’s happening to our educational system???) so I think this new name works a lot better. Plus, I’ve put Jake in charge of hunting down exclusive interviews, photos, and more with hot chicks. He’s surprisingly good at interacting with women, so it should be interesting to see what comes of that in the next few weeks!