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Spank Tank: Can boobs be held in broken hands?

When I heard that Blagoi Ivanov’s girlfriend Zlatka Raikova was on the Bulgarian version of Temptation Island, I had a feeling I might have success finding naked pictures of her on the internet. A very good feeling. And so behold, Zlatka’s nude pictoral from the Bulgarian version of Maxim. Apparently she was also in the Bulgarian version of Playboy as well, but I couldn’t find any of those. Not even using the Bulgarian version of Google.

Speaking of the Bulgarian version of Google, I searched some seedy corners of the net for these goddamn pictures and I might have accidentally clicked on something that gave me web herpes. So I hope you enjoy them. Warning: Nudity ahoy!

*UPDATE* ChunkyCheese found three more pics which I have added into the post.