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Spank Tank: Arianny Celeste Highlight vid

What’s a dude to do while waiting a few hours for DREAM 6 to start? Hunker down and work hard on shit like site bugs and various overdue writing projects? Fuck no! Instead I’ve been spending my time fiddling with Google, learning how to exploit it for maximum sexiness. And by that I mean figuring out how to find new spank tank related junk. And I think I’ve hit paydirt! So expect a return to the glory days of Fightlinker where no Jackal’s wank goes unspanked due to lack of skank in the tank. Oh, I’m just joking about the skank bit … it just rhymed so I went with it. The important part is that these chicks are hot and half naked … something that should be applauded and encouraged.

So first up is a highlight video by the dudes. They’re known for putting together decent fighter highlights, but now they’ve put together a nice little Arianny Celeste video combining a number of other videos already out there. Arianny in the cage, Arianny in a bikini, Arianny in lingerie, and so on and so forth. And just because I know you’ll ask and I want to save you the trouble, the music playing in the video is by Overseer … don’t remember the name of the song, but you should go out and get ALL his music because it rocks.