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Spank Bank: Mad Alex’s Natasha pictures

Last month, a video went up on RawVegas featuring Natasha Wicks

  • greased up
  • hanging out of a shirt
  • falling out of towel
  • humping Randy Couture’s leg in a leopard print bikini
  • wearing uber-skimp undies
  • wearing hand wraps

The hand wraps one is always a winner – girls, take note: guys love this. They also love blowjobs (yes, even if you’re bad at it), so how about some of those every once in a while?

Now what was I saying? Ah yeah, Natasha. So the video came out and it was all hot and shit. NOW we’ve got the pictures from the video photoshoot, and they’re pretty awesome too. The above pic is about the least racy one of the whole bunch. Two more after the jump featuring an inappropriate amount of breast, and the original RawVegas videos. The rest of the pictures you can see at Mad Alex Photography, which I highly encourage you to do if you’re not at work right now or your workplace is okay with excessive skin so long as dirty sinful nipples aren’t visible.

Watch Natasha Wicks – Girl of the Month on

Watch Natasha Wicks – Girl of the Month Photoshoot Behind-The-Scenes on

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