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Sotiropoulos was KO’d on TUF set?


(gif via angryblackman)

Friday night (see above) wasn’t the first time that George Sotiropoulos has been knocked out.  He was left staring up at the lights by Tommy Speer in the semi-finals of TUF 6, and his last fight ended with a quick “lawn chair KO” thanks to Rafael dos Anjos.  According to Ross Pearson, that makes three straight nap-times for poor G-Sots, though only two of them appear on his record:

Pearson (14-6 MMA, 6-3 UFC) told that Sotiropoulos (14-5 MMA, 7-3 UFC) punched his assistant boxing coach off-camera over a Twitter beef.

The boxing coach, Erin Beach, then knocked out Sotiropoulos.
. . .
Pearson couldn’t remember exactly when the incident took place but said it was midway through filming, which, for the six-week filming, means it was in early August.

Pearson said he and Sotiropoulos had been arguing on Twitter, and Beach had inserted himself into the conversation at some point.

Pearson said Sotiropoulos blindsided Beach, who began fighting back. The incident happened “off-camera” on the reality show set in Sydney, he said.

The scrap drew an instant response from UFC President Dana White, who raised Pearson and his team on the phone.

“Dana chewed our heads off,” Pearson said. “George was acting unprofessional. I get paid to fight; I don’t fight in the streets for free.”

Even if it was on-camera, something tells me that clip would’ve been left on the editing room floor.  The closest the two coaches came to blows on the show (that we saw) was when Sotiropoulos told Pearson to “get the fuck out, get the fuck out, get the fuck out” of the gym, though G-Sots was rather ornery throughout.  Still, I’m surprised he’d swing on a coach like that, though I also doubt Pearson would make up such a tale.  Either way, George’s bigger issue is that after starting his UFC career with 7 straight wins he now finds himself on a 3-fight skid that includes two knockouts.  Will the UFC cut a guy who’s fresh off a TUF coaching gig?  We’ll find out soon.

As for Erin Beach, the name probably doesn’t ring a bell, though he was KO’d himself in the opening round of TUF 15, and also seems to have ratted out the girl Felice Herrig was supposed to fight in Bellator last Friday.  Dude may not be in the UFC, but he has his ways of fucking pro fighters up.