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Sorting out this lightweight mess

The hierarchy in the UFC 155 pound division is going through a bit of a change as of late. There is no better example than Frank Edgar’s out-boxing of former champ Sean Sherk this past weekend at UFC 98. With the much anticipated B.J. Penn vs. Kenny Florian title fight at UFC 101 in August, here is my quick synopsis of where the division stands.

No matter who wins the title fight, Diego Sanchez should be the next challenger for the belt if he is able to get past Clay Guida at the TUF9 finale in June. Guida will be an incredibly tough test for the creepy-as-fuck TUF winner but Diego should come out on top. Diego has already beaten Florian (albeit back in 2005) so a rematch at this point would make sense if Florian is able to best the lightweight champ. A fight between Diego and Penn would possibly be the highest drawing lightweight fight in UFC history, as Penn is an established name and Diego is very well-known due to his time in the TUF1 house as well as his impressive run through the welterweight division from 2005-2006.

If Diego drops the fight to Clay, then Clay would have a strong case for top contender status. The one roadblock in this situation would be Edgar. In addition to his win over Sherk, the New Jersey native (Jersian?) has bested Jim Miller, Tyson Griffin, Spencer Fisher, and Hermes Franca — all of whom are highly touted fighters in the lightweight division. A fight between Edgar and Guida in September or October to determine the top contender to the belt for a January or February title fight would be in order. I would hope that one of them actually finishes the other but no amount of wishful thinking could make that happen, although the fight would likely wind up being exciting nonetheless. Edgar’s crisp boxing against Guida’s ferocious takedowns would make for an interesting bout, as would my creepy fingers and Megan Fox’s butt cheeks.

No matter what, the lightweight division is going to be exicting as hell over the next few months. Personally, I’m going against normal logic and reason and calling a Florian upset over Penn at UFC 101. As much as I think Diego is a goddamn weirdo and enjoy Guida, I see the TUF1 winner walking out with the W. Based on those predictions, Florian v. Sanchez should headline a UFC event sometime in late 2009/early 2010. If you’ve got some different opinions on this whole situation and how it might pan out, post ’em in the comments.