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Sorry for no posts yesterday

Apparently there’s no such thing as working internet in Georgia. I’m back in Tennessee now so things should return to normal, and we’ll be attempting to record a radio show over Skype or something tonight, although no promises on that working.

  • anderson says:

    how dare you insult the great state of georgia sir.

  • Andrej says:

    Damn, You have to be the best color commentator on mma. Better than Mike Sloan or MMA Weekly. So keep up the good work and try to post so I can laugh all the time. Thank you!

  • Jonathan says:

    If you are in Oklahoma, feel free to stop by for a drink on the house.

  • ajadoniz says:

    Is the internet in the south still distributed through old telegraph lines?

  • Mike O says:

    hey, why were you in georgia?

  • I got friends just outside Cartersville, and my parents live in Chattanooga (but they’re Irish and Australian respectively … I’m super international). Keeping the site up and going has been tricky mainly because of all these internet issues … at my friends the router was locked and no one remembered the password. Here at my parent’s place there’s a heatwave going on that’s melting the switch, causing the net to go up and down every 10 minutes. It’s driving me fucking nuts.

  • anderson says:

    no adjadoniz….it’s distributed through your mom’s pubic hair…..ha!

  • intenso says:

    This isn’t a heatwave. It’s August.

  • ajadoniz says:

    ooooooo, you got me. i almost thought i was having a flashback from middle school. thanks for making it obvious that you’re one of the proud inhabitants of the mongrel states.

  • I like it here … everyone is so polite. Almost makes it hard to talk shit :-/

  • anderson says:

    i’ll never apologize for loving the middle school humor…after all that’s where i met your mom….ha!