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Something fishy is going on with Mayhem Miller

Looks like Jason Mayhem Miller might be the latest victim of Zuffa’s cut throat business tactics. He went from being the posterboy of WEC 27 to a ghost pretty quickly. I originally thought there was no news simply because the WEC doesn’t have another show coming up until December 12th (that’s fucking retarded in it’s own right), and that show is already big enough. But now there’s loads of whisperings and wonderings left and right that contract negotiations with Zuffa are going poorly and Mayhem is looking to jump ship to ProElite.

Not helping these rumors are the fact that Mayhem practically works for ProElite as some kind of correspondent. This is all really surprising to me considering the push the WEC gave Mayhem when he fought Hiromitsu Miura back in May. Does this continue the trend of fighters feeling under appreciated by Zuffa when in fact they’re just expecting too much? From an outsider’s point of view, things don’t look too shabby for Jason past the long layover which is affecting all WEC fighters. What am I missing here? Is Zuffa trying to pay Jason less or something? Or is this just a case where he thinks he can get more out of ProElite?

  • garth says:

    seems like most fighters are starting to get pissed at Zuffa. This happened in the past when there was a viable competitor with Pride, so it seems likely that if ProElite looks solid some are going to jump.
    Is Miura the one where Mayhem nut-kicked him? Or was that Florian? Awesome slow-mo, all I remember is the face of dismay when that “I’ve been kicked!” message made it up to the dude’s brain.

  • Lifer says:

    i heard that they tried including a ‘no cape’ clause in his contract but the man doesn’t want to give up any of his accessories.

  • garth says:

    My sources describe the conflict to me in three words: No Pimp Cups.

  • DJ Hapa says:

    Mayhem had 1 fight left on his contract when WEC was bought out, I think. He had that fight and now he is a free agent. That’s what I recall anyway.

  • TobyGlenn says:

    DJ Hapa you are wrong he had (at least but possible only) 2 fights left on his WFA deal when they were bought out… I got to talk to him myself about it… I’m pretty sure it was 2 which would explain the long layoff as they try to get him locked in to a new deal. This is just normal zuffa negotiation tactics (look at the Brandon Vera situation)

  • If ProElite is willing to plug and promote Mayhem why not make the jump. Sure he got mildly promoted by Zuffa and WEC but ProElite is practically already promoting him more than the company he works for.

  • I’d say Zuffa showed some decent goodwill by making him the headliner of his WEC event and putting him on the billboards / in all the newspapers. A little bit of loyalty probably would have paid off

  • DJ Hapa says:

    Tank You Toby.

    Mayhem can go where he wants. But lets be honest. Nothing is going to make you more money, give you more exposure and get you more endorsements than the UFC. Pro-Elite has made little headway and now with M1, Cuban and Fishman, the upstart field is even more crowded.

    I wonder if Mayhem wants in the UFC and not WEC? WEC still has little exposure compared to its big brother.

  • DJ Hapa says:

    I meant, Thank You, not Tank You. But tanks anyway.