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Someone else says Aleks has hep

Last week the Polish promoters responsible for Mariusz ‘Steroid Poop’ Pudzianowski’s MMA career started talking to Aleksander Emelianenko about fighting for them. I sighed because I guess I’m just a little hung up over the high probability that THE DUDE HAS A FUCKING TRANSMITTABLE DISEASE AND CONTINUES TO FIGHT IN COMBAT SPORTS AND NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE. But it sounds like the Poles have taken a look into the situation and now here’s what they’re saying:

“We planned to put Mariusz Pudzianowski against Aleksander Emelianenko, but the unpleasant thing happened. Aleksander has got Hepatitis C, that’s a serious disease and we won’t risk Mariusz’s or any of our fighters’ health in such a fight. It’s safe to say that because of that the deal between our promotion and Aleksander won’t come to fruition”

Oh wow, shocker! Crazy! Who’d have thunk it? I am surprised beyond words. This came completely out of left field.

You can add this onto the pile of evidence pointing towards hepatitis (which Aleks denies). Then there’s also the fact that Aleks has spent the last two years fighting in the sketchy Russian boonies since the CSAC ‘found something’ and said he will never get a license to fight in America again.