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Somebody is lying to Big Tim

All right so you’re already sick of hearing about Tim Sylvia’s boxing match against Ray Mercer. I know. Me too. But the nonsense surrounding this fight is just too good to pass up. Sylvia finally opened his yap to talk about the fight and here’s what he told MMAWeekly:

“I’m jumping in the deep end,” he chuckled. “I never have (done things half way). Look at the heavyweight (MMA) division; I’ve fought about seven of the Top 10. So I might as well jump right in there and fight a guy that’s ranked in the Top 20 in the world.”

Let’s get one thing straight: as much as people are basically laughing at this fight (because it’s funny), Ray Mercer is still a legitimate boxer. He might be a bit up there in age but he can still box.

Despite that, whoever is telling Big Tim that Mercer is Top 20 in the world is a filthy liar; Mercer is listed as #108 in the world over at If Mercer was like #26 or #28 I would say fine, but #108 is not even relatively close.

Mercer has a chance to beat Sylvia, based simply off of the fact that he has focused solely on boxing his entire career, whereas Tim has focused on the multiple disciplines of MMA, as well as getting rid of his love handles by using steroids (it didn’t work). I’m still betting on Tim. But even so, “jumping in the deep end” implies going up against the very best right away. If this is jumping in the deep end, then so is my plan to enter the local pee-wee football league. Those little shiteaters don’t even know what’s coming.