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Some suggestions for Sherdog Radio

The guys from MMA Opinion wrote a (nice) open letter to MMA Podcasters in general. He didn’t include Fightlinker’s totally fucking awesome podcast in his post so I’m just gonna assume we are so totally sweet he didn’t feel we needed to change a goddamn thing. Although I would gladly trade Jake in for a six pack and some pretzels.

However, the MMA Opinion guys spent a bit too much time not stepping on anyone’s toes. Just like Gina sometimes needs a Master Toddy, so too does Sherdog Radio need a Fightlinker to tell them where they’re faltering. So here’s my (not so nice) addition to those other guy’s article:

-Kill all terrible hosts. Just take them out back and shoot them in the head or something. MMA Sunday school comes to mind. And while I’ve heard Josh Gross is entertaining in real life, something about radio broadcasting must rub him the wrong way. His enthusiasm during shows is on par with someone who’s being forced to lick Tim Boetch’s choda.

-Electroshocks whenever football or basketball is mentioned. Actually, you can just wrap all other sports up in there too. I know opening chitchat isn’t supposed to be about MMA, but for one fucking week can you all shut the fuck up about all those other lame sports. No one cares about local team x versus foreign team y. Double-shocks go to anyone making a football analogy regarding an MMA fight (ie Rich Franklin is the Joe Montana of DEAR GOD SHUT THE FUCK UP).

-Mix up the commercials. Gosh darn it, if I have to hear the same fucking commercials on these shows again, I’m going to lose it. I’m going to give a pass to the smaller podcasts which are stuck with what they’ve got, but Sherdog gets no quarter from me. It’s not fucking hard to mix shit up and make like … uuuh, I dunno. Two or three new commercials a month or something so listeners aren’t stabbing their ears with scissors over those fucking “Billy” commercials. Please?

-No more callers. The average person listening to Sherdog is a grade a fucking moron, and letting them on the air to shoot the shit with the hosts is the worst idea ever. First off, the wait time is waaaaay too long, which means only the people with NO LIFE WHATSOEVER stick around and get through. Secondly, I don’t think TJ screens callers anymore, or if he does, he’s too nice about it. Lastly, people calling in need to be told “10 seconds of gab and then right to the fucking point”. Nothing’s worse than hearing some mouth breather trying to bond as soulmates with Jordan Breen. It’s just painful to hear.

  • Johnny says:

    “Nothing’s worse than hearing some mouth breather trying to bond as soulmates with Jordan Breen.”

    This is why I read your site.

  • Captain says:

    “First off, the wait time is waaaaay too long, which means only the people with NO LIFE WHATSOEVER stick around and get through.”

    Haha… you know how long the wait time is. You mouth breather you.

    I haven’t listened in a while but used to listen to Beatdown every now and then. TJ was funny. Hated Gross. Tried listening to the Savage Dog Show once but only lasted for about 10 mins till I ripped my earphones out and threw them down.

    Anyone got an opinion on Jordan Breen?

  • Breen show = quality until he starts taking calls.

  • DannyP72 says:

    The Jordan Breen show is very good. I don’t mind the callers on his show as he usually calls them out if they’re being retards.

  • hey … pretzels are tasty.

  • kentyman says:

    These pretzels are making me thirsty.

  • I hate most podcasts. I think the only one I listen to semi regularly is Caleb’s Fightworks Podcast.

  • dulljake says:

    not ours Teague? You’re missing out dude

  • TKO Todd says:

    I listen to the Beatdown podcast while I’m at work just to get some MMA info. I hate those fucking commercials you have to listen to at least twice an episode and most callers just call to hear themselves on the radio. Used to listen to Gary Alexander until he decided he was only going to do promos for gyms or sport drinks. Wish the Low Blow came out more than once a week.

  • Tertio says:

    There is an gayman that calls TJ on every fucking show. Forget his name.

    The dude knows his MMA but fuck does he sounds homo. If you listened to the beatdown at least once you know who i am talking about.

    The one good thing about Sherdog is their interviews…yes the fighters always puke the same shit over and over but they do have something interesting to say once in a while.

  • Atom says:

    FL- since I don’t recall EVER having heard you say ANYTHING complimentary about another radio host/podcaster, it seems to beg the question:


  • I’m a slave to the fight scene :-p

    Besides, we like FIghtopinion radio, BetUS radio, Fightworks podcast (when it doesn’t sound like it’s being recorded underwater) and Luke Thomas’ stuff. The old old show TJ used to run before sherdog was good too.

  • Brandt says:

    I didn’t include you guys because I consider the Low Blow a comedy podcast, jerks!

    You’re dead on with Josh Gross though. He sounds miserable and I sometimes feel like giving TJ DeSantis a hug just for dealing with his attitude.

    I should include you guys more in my stuff, but some of your stuff is so off the wall (in a good way – I’m a big fan of telling my 2 year old dead baby jokes) that I’m afraid people will expect me to start typing the f-word over and over during my next anti-Dana article.

  • jaydog says:

    The TJ/Gross odd couple shtick really draws a reaction. It’s an act, folks. Or at least, it’s authentically a matter of their oil and water chemistry that works for them as a routine. If you’re so enraged by Josh’s behavior on the Beatdown, then how do you like his solo show? Is he informative? Is TJ amusing by himself? Is that what you want? Amusing and/or informative? Or, do they have to be Canadian hipsters to get approval from their peers?

  • Jordan Breen says:

    The Jordan Breen Show is superlatively fantastic and I strongly encourage everyone to masturbate to it.

  • always with the masturbating

  • satchfuji says:

    Done and done.