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Some refs suck more than others

Jordan Breen has been getting a decent amount of press amongst the bloggers for tweeting ‘Bullshit!’ after the Cerrone / Henderson fight, so I kinda figured his follow up article on Sherdog would be an elaboration on that thought. But instead he’s decided to shine the spotlight on Jon Schorle, the idiot ref that stood Dave Jansen vs Rich Crunkilton up at the drop of a hat. Jordan would like you to know that this dude isn’t just a flash in the pan small time ref. He’s one of the fuckups we have regularly working MMA shows:

If you’re a boxing fan, you’ll be dismayed to find out that Schorle, a Californian-based official now splitting time in Texas, was the referee who stood by while Vic Darchinyan beat Victor Burgos until he had a blood clot in his brain, resulting in emergency surgery and an induced coma following the bout. He was the third man in the ring for Vitali Klitschko beating hapless Corrie Sanders to a pulp. He oversaw the Erik Morales-Zahir Raheem bout — which he allowed to devolve into a clinch-filled slip-and-slide on a soaked canvas — as well as Joel Casamayor-Michael Katsidis, in which a thrilling bout was compromised by Schorle’s all-around inattentiveness. Schorle’s reputation is such that before the rubber match in his epic trilogy with Rafael Marquez, Israel Vazquez’s camp fought viciously and successfully to have Schorle removed as the bout’s referee and replaced with Pat Russell. These are just a few recent examples.

Despite allowing complete free-for-alls in the boxing ring, Schorle’s M.O. in MMA is usually far more conservative. Typically, he’s keen to stop any fight on the floor in which the fighter in top position lands two or three lukewarm punches, such as Frank Edgar-Mark Bocek or Tyson Griffin-Duane Ludwig. Often times it won’t even take that much, as in his blown stoppage of the first Jared Hamman-Poai Suganuma bout. No less dangerous with a scorecard in hand, he was one of the unfortunate judges — the other being the legendarily egregious Dalby Shirley — who scored the Patrick Cote-Chris Leben bout for “The Crippler.”

However, Schorle’s most infamous MMA moment came in the March 2006 quasi-snuff film that was Rob McCullough-Olaf Alfonso. Just moments into the second round, McCullough landed a crushing right cross that sent Alfonso’s mouthguard airborne. As the supine Olaf lay on the mat with a predatory foe above him, Schorle took a cursory glance at Alfonso’s eyes — which are glassy and googly even at his most lucid — and then walked across the cage to retrieve the mouthguard. McCullough took the chance to land three absolute killshots on the defenseless Alfonso, as the miserably out-of-position Schorle made a mad dash to stop McCullough from pureeing Olaf’s face.

A lot of this stems from Luke Thomas’ recent flipping out on the Virginia State Athletic Commission, who apparently fuck up a wide variety of shit. Now Breen and Luke are using their power rings to combine and fight commission incompetence wherever they may find it. I’m down – hell, I’ve raged against the machine many times in the past myself. But I kinda lost the passion for it after realizing that these cocksucking commissions don’t change. Maybe you’ll change a shitty decision once in a few years, but the chances of having the refs and judges who suck held responsible for their ineptitude? Zilch.