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Some people saw Never Back Down 2

Are you excited for the sequel to Never Back Down? No??? Well, were you at least aware that it’s almost done being made? Neither was I. The last I heard about it was when Todd Duffee said he had a role in it. After that, nothing. Just like Todd Duffee’s career. But now Filmdrunk reports that a rough cut of the movie was screened last weekend at ActionFest – yes, ActionFest: an action movie festival created by the brother of Chuck Fucking Norris! Here’s what one reviewer had to say:

The cut we saw must have been two hours or more, with plenty of ill-formed side-plots and attempts to flesh out character, when tightening things down to a more spare 85-90 minutes would likely be advisable.

Hear hear! Why the fuck do people think every movie needs to be 2+ hours long nowadays. Tron clocked in at 127 fucking minutes, and they didn’t even devote one to explaining if/how/where your cock goes in all those hot ISO bitches. Good rule of thumb: Action movies, like Disney films, shouldn’t clock in at over 90 minutes.

Cast predominantly with MMA fighters, Never Back Down II, has a story involving four guys from different background brought together under the tutelage of a retired (but still in his prime) sensei Case to battle for $10K and glory in an underground college MMA tourney, The Beatdown, ran by a hyper Zuckerberg-esque college kid replete with twitches and hyperbola.

Looking at IMDB, I dunno where all those predominant MMA fighters are. All I see are Todd Duffee, Scott Epstein and Eddie Bravo. Not even throwaway cameo roles like ‘Irate Big man’ or ‘Wrestling Opponent’ went to real MMA guys. Although I do like the sound of ‘Girl in Park that gets a kiss and gives her number.’ Apparently the movie has lots of tits too, which I’m totally okay with.

Oh, and yay for another MMA movie going the ‘underground tournament’ route. That really hasn’t been explored a thousand times already. I know the reality of MMA is often a half empty community center in Illinois, but surely we can hit a compromise where the events aren’t built around 1001 human cockfighting stereotypes?

There is hot-headed wrestler Mike who is dealing with his dad leaving him and his mother for another man.  As if there isn’t enough homoeroticism of sweaty men showering together and grabbling on vinyl or rubber.  Lastly, there is Tim (Todd Duffee), who looks like a young Dolph Lundgren, but here is a gentle giant, and loyal right-hand-man to Case.  He cooks breakfast and turns off bootie-videos for his younger siblings while his mom tries to make the mortgage payments as a waitress in a strip club.

True wurriurs fighting thru life! The pain of the cage is easy to face compared to having a homo dad.

The movie is being directed by sorta action star Michael Jai White, which may or may not be good news. He did write and star in Black Dynamite, which was awesome. He also said he was going for “more of a ‘The Dark Knight’ feel and less of a Melrose Place vibe.” You might wonder why he compares Never Back Down 2 to The Dark Knight – I assume it’s because he had a 5 minute part in The Dark Knight and wants us all to remember how awesome he is because of it.

Never Back Down 2 comes out June 10th, hopefully 45 minutes shorter than it is now and with an appropriately douchy soundtrack.

  • Symbul says:

    If it’s not “brought to me by TapouT” I don’t wanna see it!

  • unclefesterdanawhite says:

    Never Back Down wasn’t bad. Though honestly I’d much rather see another Hector Echavarria MMA movie come out. No one does these shitty movies better than Hector. I actually missed one of Hector’s recent movies. I saw Never Surrender and Death Warrior but I had no idea about the existence of Unrivaled. I should go download that ASAP.

  • Rodriguez says:

    White will always be “that guy from ‘The Toxic Avenger 2′” to me.

  • shillyer says:

    eddie bravo’s band has a song on the soundtrack. It might be the main track. I think his band is call smoke snake. check it out. I love eddie but am not into his musik


  • Letibleu says:

    Eddie has jizzed all over this movie every single interview he has been involved in since making this movie. He claims to have real MMA-esq (did I spell that right) fighting.

    Tits, I lost my train of thought. Tits. Volds is turned off. Clint is turned on.

  • iamphoenix says:

    i don’t care for eddie bravo and i love jits. maybe it’s his douche hair and feminine pussy face. it’s like looking at a homosexual down syndrome boy.

    never back down wasn’t good at all. i didn’t get . red belt could have been good had it not been for make believe rules and the tool man.

    i don’t like seeing mma fighters in movies, they just look stupid wearing clothes. it’s like their bodies aren’t meant for attire but only little shorts and nothing else. this should be a rule. no clothes for fighters. and penis checks by volds if he wants. we’ll say he is only checking for cups. it must be done visually.

    never back down 2 should have been called never back down ever: never backing down.

  • agentsmith says:

    Above all, what should never go over about 90 minutes are comedies.

  • glassjawsh says:

    ^ you hear that Judd apatow???!

  • Grappo says:

    as much as I like Judd Apatow, his films could do with some trimming down.

  • agentsmith says:

    Jawsh feels my pain.