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Some Friday night reading

For those who prefer a quiet Friday night by the computer over having sex with various lubricated holes, I present to you CagePotato’s comprehensive list of MMA juicers. An example (and a refresher that either Marquardt was a juicer or these kind of stupid supplement tainting fuckups happen quite often):

Caught: 8/15/05, following his unanimous decision win over Ivan Salaverry at Ultimate Fight Night 1.
Tested positive for: Nandrolone
Punishment: No fine and a suspension lifted by the NSAC on January 5th, after two separate follow-up tests came up negative for the drug.
In his own words: “I never thought it’d be an issue. I’d been taking some over-the-counter supplements at a Max Muscle store. It was something like what Mark McGwire took, androstenedione. I never thought of that stuff being tested. It was a stupid mistake. People are going to believe what they want to believe, but I’ve been clean in my last three fights — I’m not taking anything that’s not independently tested anymore — and I’m fighting just as well as I ever have…I know some guys just knowingly take steroids, but there’s not enough [information] about what causes false positives, about contamination risks, all that. You have to watch out for things. We don’t always know what not to take. That’s the real gray area. That’s my story.”

Also on there: the UFC’s new headliner Vitor Belfort. And funnily enough, the chronological list starts with Josh Barnett and ends with Josh Barnett.