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Some Dan Quinn action

Those of you who know who Crazy Dan Quinn is should be interested to hear that he won his fight this weekend. Those who don’t know, here’s ” target=”_blank”>another video to catch you up, or if you’re at work and not in the listening mode here’s a fun conversation Dan had a few years ago on a Physics forum about stevia (a sugar alternative) achieving cold fission:

Trust and believe this, you all knowing idiot of censorship. When Stevia caused water to explode safely into split h2o, and the fact that split h2o could safely and easily run your car tommorrow with minimal change? That led to the possibility of ending the fighting over oil. But your censorship is aiding and abetting the enemy of a healthy planet. And there are more and continued deaths because of it. I will on purpose, and with a vengeance, make you look like the close minded and foolish idiots that you are. The lying asshole that said I was trying to sell him something? I will use profit from my discovery to make his life miserable. Think it not possible? I will metaphorically lay the death in Iraq from the day he lied about me right at his doorstep. And I may get even more sinister than that. And it will be justified. Because Stevia splits water apart. Safely into a usable form of fuel. That’s what split h2o is. And instead of just blending Stevia in water, all of you failed scientist hacks chose to act like the Pharisees of old. Lying and creating deceit, when in fact the truth was simply and easily witnessed by blending Stevia into a Fuel that Could Power Earth.

Suffice to say, Dan is a worthwhile MMA personality to pay attention to … he’s like our very own Timecube guy, except instead of the Timecube fitting four simultaneous days into one cubed Earth rotation, it’s stevia separating water into it’s true H20 form!

(thanks to jackal gummbie for the physics find!)