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Some changes to

Hey everyone. To try and make up for the ugliness you saw yesterday morning, we decided to get off our butts and make some minor tweaks to the site. Yeah, I know … those massive changes we promised way back when still aren’t done. We’re going to be tackling that over the course of Christmas holidays so hopefully we’ll have a present for you guys come UFC79. As for what’s done now:

The new logo: You saw it in the 2 Boys 1 Cup video and at the bottom of our Grape Photo picture. Our new logo is the Fightlinker Jackal, named after you bastards who come to this site on a regular basis.

The Links menu item: This sends you to a page which displays all the ‘starred’ stories in my Google RSS reader. Every day I go through hundreds of stories, and I ‘star’ interesting or noteworthy stories. There’s so much news going on nowadays that barely 1/10th of the news happening makes it onto the blog. So consider this a way to stay up to date with ALL MMA news. No filler, no bullshit.

The Search box: Yeah, it’s back. Actually, it never went anywhere … it was just invisible. Which is probably why no one was using it … so yeah. We fixed that and now you can see it up in the header image to your right. Search for all sorts of fun stuff … if you’re a famous fighter or popular sports ‘journalist’, type your name in and see what kind of stupid shit we’ve been talkin’ about you. Guaranteed hours of fun.

There’s more to come over the next few days … we’re inches away from having the webcomic interface ready to go, so hopefully you should see that up by the end of the week.