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Softy McSofterson

Sherdog has some pics of Tim ‘Superman’ Sylvia coming into his loss against Ray Mercer. Rumors have been swirling that Timmy barely trained for this fight. He looks pretty under-prepared to me … seems that he didn’t even bother to shave his gut and shoulder hair for this one.

On a related note, Paul Buentello asks what the upside is now in fighting Tim Sylvia at Affliction 3:

Are you still even interested in fighting him?
Well, most definitely. But now you gotta take a step back and go, ‘Man, you know, it would be great to fight him but what would it do for me now? What would it do for me now in front of the fans?’ I don’t know if the hype is still there after him getting beat. I hope Affliction still allows the fight to happen because it’s still going to be a great a fight, but I don’t control those pens and papers over there.

This is of course under the unlikely assumption that California will let a guy who got dropped like a bad Mauro Ranallo pun fight again in 45 days. And the assumption that the new even bigger Big Tim could hit 265 pounds on August 1st after showing up on Saturday at 310 pounds. I don’t know how many pints of ice cream he had to eat before feeling better about the Fedor fiight, but I figure that number is only going to double after we find out what’s happening to his fight at Affliction 3.