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Sober(er) reflections on FN: Florian v Gomi

* Ross Pearson isn’t terrible. There, I said it. Some good may come out of that season yet – when does Wilks fight again?
* In the battle of 38 year old fighters, Jorge Rivera reigned supreme. Maybe a rematch with Grove is in the cards.
* I’m still down to see Nate Quarry fight again, and I think he’s down as well. Hold off before you try to bury him.
* Does everyone understand why I’m firmly latched to Gleison Tibau’s nuts? Even NC’s goofy double weigh-ins couldn’t save Uno.
* Roy Nelson said it best: ‘When that guy [Struve] is 25, he’s going to be a stud.’ Couple of years + a couple dozen pounds.
* Roy Nelson/James Toney is only less appealing to me than Schaub/Toney because I’d rather Toney fight the guy that didn’t win TUF than the guy that did his first time out. That said, Big Country turning Lights Out’s lights out would be fucking hysterical.
* I’m going to go ahead and defend Struve again here – that punch, and the ones he ate from JDS, and some of the ones he ate from Buentello, put most people to sleep. He’s only going to get better.
* Gomi’s not done. He’s not top three – or likely five (BJ, Kenny, Frankie, Gray, take your pick) – but he’s not done. And he sure as hell isn’t afraid to throw crazy bombs in the hope of landing big.
* Kenny Florian would put Shinya Aoki in a box.