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So what exactly are Rampage Jackson’s plans?

Besides torpedoing his UFC career, of course. The death of Strikeforce just underlines the fact that there aren’t many places left for a high price tag fighter to go any more. But Rampage has some ideas:

“My next challenge if I go somewhere, I just want to be very exciting. Maybe I want to try some boxing, see if I can do some boxing, or do some kickboxing. My heart is in MMA, I like slamming people and stuff like that. I’ve done jiu-jitsu tournaments, wrestling tournaments, kickboxing fights, but I have never done boxing, and I think that’s probably my biggest challenge to see if I can go and be a pro boxer. Hell, Kimbo Slice he’s doing pretty good, why can’t I?”

Rampage is always talking about how MMA should pay more like boxing, so it’d be pretty entertaining to watch him try and make a go of that just to see the harsh reality of the situation hit him square in the face. I don’t know what kind of meter stick he’s using to claim Kimbo’s boxing career is ‘doing pretty good’, but it ain’t one that’s gonna be found at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in Sèvres, France.

Kickboxing, though. That could be interesting. Rampage never stops bitching about the audacity of fighters taking him down, so it would be a good fit. And with GLORY positioning itself for a kickboxing revival, there’s never been a better time for Jackson to make the jump. Semmy Schilt just made $400,000 for winning their New Year’s Eve tournament, so there’s a little money in that banana stand.

It’s not the one million plus dollars he made headlining at UFC 135, and he’d probably kiss his high profile / paying sponsorships goodbye, but let’s not fool ourselves. Any choice other than signing a new deal with the UFC is a stupid choice, financially speaking. At least the kickboxing option could result in some exciting fights.